It begins with you

Blue-sky Believer


It begins with you

Blue-sky Believer

Sustainability begins with you because, at ABB, you work for a brighter future.

My team works on some pretty well-known projects. One is China’s very first offshore wind farm, Donghai Bridge in Shanghai, which generates enough power for 200,000 households! Of course, a project like this requires a lot of organization, and I sit right in the middle of it. I help to coordinate everything from the review of contracts to production, the dispatch of cargo and customer service. This means a lot of responsibility, a lot of contact with different kinds of people and a lot of busy days to make it all happen.

Our projects are big in size, but I think they are even bigger in impact. For many Chinese, the environment is on our mind every day. When my son wants to go outside to play with his friends, I have to think about the air quality and whether it’s better for him to stay inside. I would like to see the environment improve so that kids can go outside to play anytime they want. I think the work we do brings us closer to making this a reality, and I feel proud to be involved. I like being able to say to my friends, Look, that’s what we did!    

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I feel that I am doing something good for the generations to come.

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Project Manager
Beijing, China

Bringing sustainable wind energy to the Chinese grid

Crystal started with ABB in 2006. In addition to the Donghai Bridge wind farm, she has helped manage some of the company’s most ambitious endeavors, from the JiangSu Rudong offshore and Ningxia Hanas onshore wind power plants, to the JiangXi HongPing Expressway project. Crystal is already looking forward to her 10-year ABB anniversary award, as well as future projects that will make a difference in her life and in the lives of those around her.