It begins with you

Your Go-to Transformer Guy


It begins with you

Your Go-to Transformer Guy

Passion begins with you because, at ABB, you work with people as committed as you are.

Sometimes, I think I must be a goofy person: Even after 35 years, I’m still fascinated by a device that doesn’t move. Sometimes I apologize to people that all I know is transformers, but I guarantee there’s a lot going on inside those steel boxes. Over my career, I’ve worked on design and key components, and more recently with the team developing the algorithms to help customers deal with all the big data we’re collecting from the transformers. I’ve also been closely involved with the rapid recovery transformer, a project initiated by the Electric Power Research Institute or EPRI, which is kind of the R&D arm for US electric utilities. This is an important, holistic project that covers large power transformers and aims to get the ones that have failed replaced, as quickly as possible, so the impact on customers is minimal.

You know, we always thought we knew everything about the transformer – what happens if it’s hit by lightning, or if there’s a short circuit on the system that puts an amazing amount of stress on the transformer. But as we’re getting into renewables, we are seeing new stresses on transformers that we couldn’t even anticipate earlier. So much has changed and keeps changing: the analytical tools we have to understand the transformers, material advancements in coatings and electrical steel, the way electricity is generated and distributed. That’s the stuff I frankly have a ball learning about and sharing with customers.

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When I was in college, I never thought I’d be an expert on power transformers over 35 years later.

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Business & Technology Leadership
St. Louis Missouri, USA

Driving growth in the ABB transformer business    

Craig joined the electric transmission and distribution business – of a company that would later be acquired by ABB – in 1979. Since then, he has developed expertise in a range of areas, from transformer application, engineering, production and maintenance, to computer analysis and network systems. Today, as Business Development and Technology Director for ABB’s North American Transformer Remanufacturing and Engineering Services (TRES) organization, Craig focuses on condition evaluation and assessment tools, among other highly strategic projects – and continues to be amused by his unwavering interest in transformers.