It begins with you

Country Connector


It begins with you

Country Connector

Leadership begins with you because, at ABB, your passion inspires those around you.

Since 2014, I’ve been in charge of global sales and marketing for High Voltage Cable Systems. We design, manufacture, deliver and install extremely large interconnectors and high-voltage cables that connect continents, countries and renewable energy to the grid. I am lucky to be working with a group of extraordinary people on some of the biggest projects within ABB, projects that respond to very real challenges society is facing.

As an engineer, I love technology and am proud that we are market-leading and world-class in this respect. We really stand at the forefront of what’s possible today and have the capability to actually deliver these products. It’s one thing to talk about sustainable energy, quite another to contribute to making it happen. A cable that carries offshore wind power to Denmark or a system that uses hydropower in Norway to increase the efficiency of thermal and coal-fired plants on the continent – these projects are big, and so is their impact.

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It’s a big business in every sense of the word.

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Marketing & Sales
Karlskrona, Sweden

Marketing and sales for high-voltage cable systems    

Claes joined ABB in 2006 as a project engineer and spent his first international assignment in Chongqing, China. Today, he leads a global team of 30 who enjoy the same level of responsibility he has always known. Claes is proud to have been involved in two of the largest projects ever awarded to High Voltage Cables: the Caithness-Moray subsea power link in Scotland and the Nordlink interconnector between Norway and Germany. He is equally proud of his team, especially when they excel and surpass even their own expectations.