It begins with you

Dual-arm Innovator


It begins with you

Dual-arm Innovator

Innovation begins with you because, at ABB, every great technology is built by curious individuals.

I’m an internal integrator, responsible for building robot applications that show the latest features of our robotic products. We are working with groundbreaking technology, which we learn from and use to achieve some wonderful results. One of them is YuMi, the first collaborative dual-arm industrial robot. It has gotten a lot of attention from customers because, unlike other robots, you can touch it even when it’s moving. It’s safe – and it’s cool! YuMi can solve a Rubik’s Cube and even make a caffè latte! It sounds surprising, but YuMi is a real partner with diverse industrial applications.

We are already working on making YuMi even better. To do that, I have to understand the mechanical and electrical details but also keep the design, structure and whole vision of the robot in mind. I think my job is highly technical yet creative. I see myself as both an engineer and a kind of artist – someone whose work can maybe change the world.

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We get to create true cutting-edge technology.

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Research & Development
Shanghai, China

Developing the first truly collaborative robot

Songlin joined ABB in 2013 after completing his master’s degree in instrument and meter engineering in Beijing, China. As an R&D engineer, project manager and development engineer, he has worked on some of ABB’s most exciting robotics projects, such as YuMi. Songlin credits his international team – including colleagues in China, Sweden, India and Germany – for helping him learn every day.